Protection PackagePremium Exterior Signature Exterior
Hand Wash
Remove Bugs/Tar
Clean/Dress Wheels/Tires
Clean Jambs
Hand/Blow Dry
Streak-Free Glass
Air Purge/Dust Interior
Vacuum Interior
Decontaminate Paint (Clay Bar)
3 Month Paint Sealant
3 Month Wheel Sealant
3 Month Glass Sealant
Chemically Decontaminate Paint
Single Stage Polish
(50% defect removal)
2 Step Paint Prep
(Wax & Grease Remover)
6 Month Paint Sealant
Polish Exhaust Tips
2 Stage Polish
(80% defect removal)
Bombshell Wheel Coating
(1 year Protection)
Bombshell Glass Coating
(6-8 Month Protection)
2 Year Bombshell Ceramic Coating
Call for pricing to upgrade to Bombshell Coatings 4 year or PRO Ceramic

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